Logos and branding

Overlook Films

Fairytales series

Created for a film production company's series of short films, which took traditional fairytales and reimagined them for a modern audience.

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Autorefurb Ltd

A set of identities for an umbrella company and subsidiary automotive service businesses.

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The Sound of Salvation

Logo for a record label that originally specialised in reissuing (and thus salvaging) long-lost psychedelic folk albums from the distant past, bringing them to a new audience.

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Lava Flow

Typographic logo work for a personal project.

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The Levels

A logo which doubles as a full-screen silhouette for a violent, romantic, rural thriller film set in the Somerset Levels, West Country. The logo had to convey menace, isolation, and the countryside. See Overlook Films for further details.

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Shop Local

A selection of draft logos for a Bristol 2015 legacy project to encourage sustainable consumerism around Christmas time.

Crystal Sanctuary

Identity for a health spa and healing retreat.

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Whiplash Records

Identity for an online music store. The hand-drawn letterforms mimic the fluid movement of a whip.

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Bristol is Open

Incredibly intricate gradient colours hint at the complexity of this cutting-edge data project.

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Work Zone

Logo drafts for a hub to get people back into a working environment.

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Celebrating 270 years of Corn Street

A logo for promotional balloons which were given out, celebrating 270 years of Bristol's Exchange Hall on Corn Street

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Bristol Healthy Schools

An identity for a campaign to promote healthy behaviour in schools; encompassing physical health, emotional health, improvements to diet, and wellbeing.

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Celebrating 400 years of Bristol libraries

Icon for use celebrating the longevity of the second-ever public library established in England.

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Let's get Mashed!

An intro splash screen ident for an NHS-funded, animated public information film on the dangers of legal highs. I produced the illustrations for the entire film. See Let's Get Mashed! for futher details.

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Sustainable Learning

Logo drafts for an publically-funded inititive promoting sustainability in education.

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Bristol Walking Festival

Logo for an annual month-long festival celebrating local walks, which aims to encourage to get more people of all ages and abilities active.

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Trading with Schools

Identity and branding for a local government unit.

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Corn Street open for People

In conjunction with Make Sunday Special, a central Bristol road was closed to traffic on a monthly basis to allow an opening up to the public to enjoy bands, acts, interactive games, and additional market stalls.

Green for Good

Draft logos for a Bristol 2015 legacy project to encourage sustainable behaviour amongst people.

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Broadlands Badminton

Logo for a Broadlands, Keynsham badminton club.

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