Bespoke fonts

Custom fonts can either be drawn and created from scratch, or I can modify your existing corporate fonts subject to licensing clearance. A selection of my bespoke fonts are below.


Sans Counter

A fat and friendy rounded sans-serif display font with additional ding glyphs.

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Monito Grotesk

A classic International / Swiss Style sans-serif font with a full working set of glyphs.

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A heavy duty, bold display serif in two weights: crisp regular and ornate splodge. Letterspacing allows the two weights to be overlaid and interlocked for baroque flourishes in modern header text.



A hand drawn, 1970's–influenced display font.

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Strong and eye-catching design work using expertly hand-kerned type, lovingly chosen clean colours and a balanced use of white space can often have a powerful visual effect.

Typographic postcards

M Shed museum

Vintage-style fonts using painstaking kerning and a wide array of hand-altered glyphs.

Typographic panels for an information leaflet

Public Health Bristol

Classic international-style typography mixed with bold colours and crisp illustration ensure maximum impact.

Typographic poster

Mayor of Bristol

I was commissioned to produce a bold typographic poster for the personal office of the Mayor of Bristol.

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Typographic posters and labels

Better by Bike

Labelling and information posters for an bicycle emergency supply box containing tools, brakepads, inner tubes etc. Again, Swiss typography is the order of the day. Large headline fonts ensure visibility from a distance. Various other colours of posters and labels were also produced.

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