Exhibition and large format

I can create and produce engaging exhibitions that have drawn tens of thousands of visitors using recyclable and eco-friendly materials; as well as venue dressing and assets (roller banners, flags, tablecloths etc.) for large corporate events.

Bristol Photo Festival

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Design and install for a large multi-gallery event showcasing the Martin Parr collection, solo exhibitions from both James Barnor and Sarah Waiswa, and interventions by Heather Agyepong, Jessa Fairbrother, and Lua Ribera.

William Hogarth

'Painter and printmaker' exhibition

Graphics and signage for a touring exhibition of William Hogarth's oil paintings and prints, at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. Item description plaques, door and window vinyl, various text panels and wall panels were produced in addition to a wide array of leaflets, flyers, postcards and advertising (both digital and traditional print) media.

Fabric Africa

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

A stunning snapshot of modern and historic textiles from across the continent of Africa.

Do You Believe in Magic?

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

This exhibition featured over 200 fascinating objects and stories that revealed how magic has been used to heal, hunt and harm across the world. These extraordinary artefacts included European works of art, North American shamanic artefacts, magical animals, delicately preserved plants, beautiful clothing and spiritual figurines.

Early Man

Aardman Animation

Step behind the camera with Aardman and discover how the world-famous animation studio made their hit film, Early Man. This exhibition featured original puppets, exquisitely crafted sets, tiny props and tons of behind the scenes footage to show the incredible skill behind stop-motion animation.
© Copyright Aardman Animations 2019

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Natural History Museum

Great images of nature transform the way people look at the natural world, challenge opinion and stimulate debate. I have produced the Bristol leg of the touring exhibition for several years.

Japanese Prints I, II & III

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Showcasing one of the top 5 collections of Japanese woodblock prints in the UK. All three phases can be viewed online here.

Bristol Music

M Shed

Featuring contributions from over 200 people who have been involved in Bristol’s music scene from the 1950s to the current day. The exhibition featured an interactive encyclopedia in the form of a record store where visitors could browse LP-sized info on various Bristol artists and bands.

Nature Camera Action!

The secrets of making incredible wildlife films

A wildlife photography exhibition in association with the National Media Museum and the BBC Nautral History Unit. Outdoor fabric banners, Contra Vision window graphics, wall graphics, printed cut vinyl animals, posters, educational info packs, Large format LCD screen ads, and regional advertising were among the many items produced to conincide with the exhibition.

One Vibration - Voices of St Paul's Carnival

M Shed

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of St Pauls Carnival, a bunch of volunteers were recruited, trained up in oral history techniques and sent out to gather community stories about the event. A 7m x 2.4m wall graphic used a collage of photos and historic flyers from the event across the decades.

Make Blaise Museum Brilliant

Blaise Castle & Museum

Public engagement consultation to transform Blaise Castle into a museum for the local community and restore the beauty of the original architecture, and to exhibit historical artefacts from the Great House to tell the story of the building and the family that lived there.

British Wildlife Gallery

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

After a much-needed gallery refurbishment, a new 2.5m tall intro panel was needed; taking visual cues from the mahogany and brass fittings of the museum's many display cases of Victorian taxidermy, this introduction panel sets the scene for the rest of the gallery.

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Air Quality Monitoring EV

Electric vehicle livery

A blank canvas for a zero emissions vehicle was a golden opportunity for some fun, eye-catching graphics. Budget constraints meant that earlier incarnations of colourful, full-vehicle wraps weren't possible.

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One Tree Per Child

Digital concept for van livery.